The characters in Sanditon are as follows:

Mr Tom Parker – Played by Vincent Webb. Tom in his late 30’s is the enthusiastic garrulous promoter and developer of Sanditon.

Mrs Mary Parker – Played by Bonnie Adair.  Mary, in her late 30’s is Tom’s wife dragged along by her husband’s enthusiasms.

Sidney Parker – Played by Pete Ashmore.  Siney is in his late 30’s, a quick witted ex-banker and the 2nd eldest Parker brother.

Arthur Parker – Played by Ricky Ketley-Prentice.  Arthur is in his early 20’s, a tubby over-eater made a hypochondriac by his sisters’ influence.

Diana Parker – Played by Alice Omanski.  Diana is in her late 30’s, a hypochondriac, a frenetic over-organiser of other people.

Susan Parker – Played by Ruby O’Mara.  Susan is in her early 30’s, a victim of self-inflicted medication.

Letitia Beaufort – Played by Alice Omasnski.  In her early 20’s she visits Sanditon with Mrs Griffiths’ Academy looking for a husband.  She is a good-natured girl of small fortune who catches Arthur’s eye.

Lady Denham – Played by Barbara (Babs) Rudall.  In her 60’s, once beautiful she has climbed socially in wealth with the aid of two husbands, both now dead.  She is loud and opinionated.

Sir Edward Denham – Played by Pete Ashmore.  Sir Edward, a lothario in his early 30’s is a Nephew of Lady Denham’s late husband.

Clara Brereton – Played by Lucy-Jane Quinlan.  In her early 20’s, beautiful and from Whitechapel, a cousin and companion to Lady Denham, looking to marry out of poverty and dependency.

Felicity Lambe – Played by Bonnie Adair.  An heiress of mixed race from St Lucia.

Mr Heywood – Played by Adam Bone.  57 years old and a farmer from Willingden with a large family.  He is the father of Charlotte.

Charlotte Heywood – Played by Amy Burrows.  In her early 20’s she is the Parker’s guest and we see Sanditon through her eyes.

Mr Tracy – Played by Adam Bone.  George is in his early 30’s and Sidney’s ‘friend’.  A schemer and ‘man of the world’.

Jebb the shop-keeper – Played by Bonnie Adair. Keeps a clothing and general merchandise shop

Characters Not Seen

Miss Leah Beaumont

Miss Esther Denham