Song For Jane Austen

Song for Jane Cover12017 is not only the 200th Anniversary of the death of Jane Austen in Winchester on July 18th 1817 it is also the 200th Anniversary of her unfinished novel “Sanditon”. Chris Brindle believes that it was the rivalry between Jane’s niece Anna and her nephew James-Edward to honour their late aunt, that led to the former’s lifetime quest to try and finish the last novel, and the latter’s decision to write the first biography of Jane. It was this biography, which put the life of the author together with her writing for the first time, that was to lead to the worldwide phenomenon that is Jane Austen.  Chris believes that Austen was well aware of the rivalry between the two, and that Sanditon was left unfinished at the place it was to serve as a foundation for a completion by whichever of the nephews and nieces who could prove the most worthy, with Anna being the most likely candidate.  Chris’s documentary made in 2014 examines this idea and via Amazon has now sold a copy in virtually every country in the world.

Chris wrote the song “Song For Jane” to underline the idea that Jane Austen planned for her own posterity, although she would of course be amazed at how successful her strategy proved to be.

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