Many thanks to those that facilitated my writing efforts in particular:- Dawn and David King who read my script and agreed to lend me The Headgate, Colin Blumenau on whose ‘Mansfield Park’ production I have modelled this, Pete Ashworth for telling me what was wrong with my previous attempt, Steve Dorrington for his script writers group, Jo Fletcher-Cross of the Mercury Theatre’s Writer’s Surgery Group, and Julie O’Mara for ‘marking’ my first attempt and for being my companion at Jane Austen Society Annual General Meetings.

Many thanks to those who helped with my research including the wonderful 93 year old Miss Helen Lefroy, Mr George Lefroy and John Stedman of Portsmouth Records Office.

Many thanks to the facilitators including Donna Stockley who lent me Glemham Hall, Suffolk for the filming, Steve Dorrington and Tristram Syrett of Colchester’s Aura Films who did the filming, Jennie at Bristol Old Vic who organised the costumes and Craig Sennett of pcfutures who produced the Website.

A very special thank-you to my amazingly talented actors for their enthusiasm for the project, and of course the never ceasing support of my wife Jill.

Chris Brindle

June 2014